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and proficiency

CureRx is a reputable and recognized
leading edge provider of prescription
compounded formulas.

experienced staff

Our doctors are certified
experts in non-sterile compounding
and strictly adhere to the regulations.


Whether you have a Workers’
Compensation or Personal Injury
claim, we will never charge you up front.

About CureRx


We are a provider of leading-edge prescription compounded formulas. Our Pharmacists are front runners in the field of pharmaceutical compounding, having innovated an entire line of pain-relieving formulas designed to help you eliminate the need for oral narcotics.If you suffer from from chronic pain due to osteoarthritis, to degenerative disc disease to peripheral neuropathy, we invite you to try the compounded formulas we have developed.

Highly trained and experienced in the third-party reimbursement process of compounded medications, our team is ready to provide unabbreviated service. Whether it is Medicare, private insurance, Workman’s Compensation, accident or personal injury, we will ensure that you receive the right medication. With a 95% success rate with insurance coverage, we attentively pursue all avenues to keep cash in your pocket.

In addition to pain management we also compound hormones (HRT) as well as any other custom-made formulas your doctor wishes to prescribe for you. Upon request, we may also add UV protection and fragrances. By undergoing independent, quality assurance, potency and sterility testing of all our compounds, we ensure maximum results of the highest standards set forth by the United States Pharmacopeia.

Why Choose Us

  • Certified compounding experts
  • We have independent potency, sterility and organoleptic testing
  • Free nationwide shipping to select states*
    some exclusions may apply**
  • Full-service retail pharmacy
  • 24/7 RPh on call
  • Unique, exclusive formulas with rapid results
  • Strict adherence to national standards of the United States Pharmacopoeia